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Image by Amanda Vick

To the woman with a lot of clothes but nothing to wear …


What if you could get dressed in less than five minutes every day an outfit that looks damn good on you from yoga class to work to date night?


You can! Don’t worry – this isn’t another style box.


It’s Style School. 


And for way less than the last top you bought (but only kind of like) from Stitch Fix, you’ll get a complete capsule wardrobe plus a personal stylist on-call who will tell you exactly what to wear.


So you always look trendy and stylish and feel amazing in your clothes. 

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“I love that I have someone to tell me what to buy (so I never overspend on clothes) and how to style everything to look trendy.” 


- Cayle, Style School Member

“It is the best having Jenny’s guidance on finding flattering pieces and being able to check-in with her before I buy anything to make sure it looks good!” 


- Ruthie, Style School Member


You love shopping (same here, friend!) but … 


Trudging through the clothes section in Target for the hundredth time and still not finding anything to wear is the worst way to spend a Saturday.


In fact, it’s right up there with …


👎Buying an outfit on Amazon and crossing your fingers it fits and you don’t have to return it. 


👎Scrolling Old Navy’s website for hours, trying to decide if that dress will look good on you. 


Meh. Who has time for shopping like this? Not me – and not you. 


You need outfits that are comfy enough to get you through the entire day but stylish enough that your friends still gasp, “Girl, you look amazing!!”

Image by Sarah Brown

If getting dressed makes you sweatier than your workout, it’s not your fault.


It’s just that what you’ve tried so far to find clothes that fit your body, lifestyle, and budget hasn’t worked.


❎ Free capsule wardrobes on Pinterest are cute … but they don’t tell you which pieces from those wardrobes you actually need. #overspendalert 


❎ Style boxes save you a trip to the store … but, honestly, those pieces never get your style exactly right style or flatter your body as well as you’d hoped. 


❎ Shopping on your own can be fun … but it takes so much freakin’ time. Also, why does everything you love on the rack never look good when you try it on – what’s with that??

Is it so much to ask?

You want to open your closet and know that every piece of clothing you have will look good on you, and that you can pull a stylish outfit together for any occasion – fast!!











Take a deep breath and say thanks to the Goddess of Shopping because …


There’s a better option when it comes to finding clothes that look good on you, match your style, and don’t take you hours and hours to find!

Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 8.16.59 AM.png


Style School

A crazy affordable monthly membership with seasonal capsule wardrobes and your own personal stylist on-call. 

So you always know which clothes look good on you, what to buy (and not buy), and how to build outfits using the clothes you already have.

Style School will show you exactly what to wear to look and feel your best all day, every day!


Image by tu tu

Here’s what you get when you join Style School:


Seasonal Capsule Wardrobes

Our capsules are a robust collection of wardrobe essentials that will keep you looking stylish and fresh from season to season (without having to always buy more clothes). 


Every season, you’ll get a collection of handpicked items to choose from to build your own capsule wardrobe. And, you should know: I take the word ‘capsule’ seriously.


I won’t just give you a top. I’ll show you how to take that top and build 6+ outfits around it.


Adios cramped closet full of clothes you don’t even like or know how to wear!


Important: You do not have to buy anything from the capsules to get the most out of Style School! This membership is not about burning down your closet and buying a ton of new clothes. 


Our capsules are budget-friendly (with splurge options available) and filled with quality pieces that will last you for years. Seriously – I have a pair of jeans from our capsules that are 7+ years old and they’re still my weekly go-to. 


A Personal Stylist On Call

It’s moi! In Style School you get access to me as your V own personal stylist (fancy much?). 


Send me your questions about the capsule pieces or your outfits, and I’ll tell you what to buy, what to leave at the store, and how to wear everything. 


Show me a picture of your outfit in the dressing room, and I’ll give you my honest advice on what’s working and what to do differently.


Come to our weekly coaching calls, and we’ll talk about your body shape and style and what pieces will make you feel stylish and confident. 


Watch my video tutorials on topics like how to pack for vacation, what the heck is on-trend for holiday attires this year, and which style of denim is the most flattering for you. 

Style School is not just a ‘body-type’ quiz and a bunch of generic clothes recommendations. I get to know you, your lifestyle, and your budget – and put together the right outfits for you. 


(Have I mentioned I love what I do?!) 

With your Capsule Wardrobes and Personal Stylist, You’ll Also Get These Incredible Bonuses inside Style School!!

🌟Closet Edit Checklist With this checklist, I’ll help you determine what stays and what goes from your closet. Afterward, you’ll know how to style every piece you take off the hanger, and feel confident that every item you own looks good on you. You’ll also see where the gaps are in your wardrobe, so you’re an educated shopper who doesn’t buy more than you need

🌟Body Shape Guide The reason shopping at Target takes so long is because you’re looking at all the clothes, versus only the cuts of clothing that are meant for your body type. This guide will change how you shop! You’ll be able to go into a store and immediately know which pieces on the rack flatter you, and which to avoid. Say goodbye to dressing room drama. (Peace out!!)

🌟Seasonal Guides Our seasonal guides will show you what to wear for those out of the ordinary moments, like weddings, holiday parties, vacations, or days at the beach as well as help you feel prepared to know what to do with items most worn during that season!

Image by Amanda Vick

 Style School is just $50/month!!!

 That’s way less than the last pair of jeans you bought but never wore, amirite?

“It’s so nice to know what fits my body type and will last – instead of just the latest trend! 

Bio Pic.jpg

As someone who works out of the house and was transitioning out of the corporate role, I wanted to feel good but also embrace the fact that I don't have to wear a blazer everyday.  


Plus, I am curvy. And things don't always look like the picture. After working with Jenny, I now have a full wardrobe that fits and things that I can switch in and out without spending a fortune.  It’s so nice to know what fits my body type and will last – instead of just the latest trend!


I love being able to ask for feedback. And share things I have coming up (like retreats, speaking engagements etc.) and getting instant feedback on what to wear and what will help make me feel confident.  


The best part of Style School is that Jenny's style is so flexible, and honestly it’s a huge money saver. I have key pieces that I can rotate in and out, and when I want a statement piece, all I have to do is ask.”

-Holly Haynes, Style School Member

I created Style School because …


I just wanted to feel good in my clothes again after having twins!!

Hi, I’m Jenny Zook. Teacher, wife, mom of two, and your best friend who also happens to really know clothes. 


Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was go clothes shopping with my mom. 


By the time I was in my 20s and early 30s, I was that friend – the one you called when you had a closet full of clothes, but couldn’t find a single thing to wear.

But …


… after I had my twins …


…. everything changed.


Suddenly, I had zero time to shop, and not one piece of clothing I owned looked good on my changing body or made sense for this time in my life. 


I needed to get ready fast, but still look trendy and put together. 


I wanted clothes that I felt comfortable and confident in and that I could wear to work, park playdates, and at home cooking dinner … all on the same day!

I couldn’t find outfits like this anywhere … so, I decided to put them together myself.


Style School enters the chat!!


I created Style School so you can feel on Cloud 9 wherever you go. At the park, on a date, in the office. Wherever your day takes you, what you wear has so much influence over how you feel about yourself – and you deserve to feel amazing. 


Style School is for the busy woman who wants to look good and make getting dressed feel easy. 


Your clothes and style should never hold you back from feeling confident.  I’ll show you how to uncover your personal style, get the right pieces for your body, and wear clothes that make you feel trendy, styish, and confident. Whatcha waiting for?! :)


“With the closet edit and Jenny's seasonal capsules in Style School, I feel more confident and save a TON of time every day getting ready! I have staple go-out outfits for most occasions and know how to mix it up.


I love how approachable Jenny is and that she continues to offer value week after week - from ironing to strapless bras, to tips for packing light, to the front tuck! 


Jenny has found a unique way to bottle up her knowledge into bite sized concepts that really resonate with women today!”

Lyndsay, Style School Member

Style SChool FAQs

Image by Amanda Vick


What is this?

Style School is a crazy affordable monthly membership where you get seasonal capsule wardrobes and your own personal stylist on-call. 


Basically – I’ll show you what to wear (and not wear) so you always feel confident, trendy, and stylish. I’ll also help you edit down your closest, so love everything you pull off the hangar, and teach you how to find clothes that flatter your body without even having to try stuff on. 


You can purchase pieces in our wardrobes to build your own capsule, or use the clothes you already have – I’m here to help you do both!


How much does it cost?

Style School is just $50/month!! There are no commitments, you can cancel (you won’t want to!) anytime.


Do I have to buy clothes?

Nope! The first thing you’ll do when you join is edit down your closest. This will show you how to  build outfits using the pieces you already have, and any gaps you have in your wardrobe.


When you’re ready to fill in those gaps, I’ll be here to show you exactly what to buy (and not buy!).


This is not about buying ‘more’ clothes – it’s about buying a select few pieces of the right clothes (or knowing how to wear what you already have!) …


So when you go to get dressed every day, you’ll feel and look amazing in everything that’s in your closet.

Style SChool FAQs

Image by Amanda Vick


How much do the clothes in the Capsules cost?

On average, the clothes inside the Style School capsule wardrobes are:


$30-60 for tops

$30-100 for shoes

$35 - $75 for bottoms


But, remember, you don’t have to buy anything from the capsule wardrobes if you don’t need to or want to. We can build outfits with the clothes you already have!!


Will you tell me what to wear?

Um, yes!! This is exactly what Style School is for. Send me your dressing room pics and outfit ideas and I will do just that – I’ll tell you what to wear:).


What if I’m really tall, over 60, short, curvy, petite, plus size, etc. Will Style School work for me?

It absolutely will. Style School is for all women of any age and size. This is all about finding your unique style and the pieces that flatter the beautiful body you’re in today. 

Our members and I know what it’s like to have changing bodies (hello, giving birth to twins!!), and we are all about finding the pieces that make you feel confident, trendy, and stylish in every season of your life.

On average, the clothes inside the Style School wardrobes are:


$30-60 for tops

$30-100 for shoes

$35 - $75 for bottoms

When you join Style School, you’ll spend way less on clothes than you do right now and love your clothes so much more!!


Plus, don’t forget you also get that super fun personal stylist on-call (hi!!)

With Style School, you’ll build a capsule wardrobe with pieces that you love to wear for years. 


I have pieces in my closet that are 5-7 years old that I wear every single week! 


This is not about buying ‘more’ clothes – it’s about buying a select few pieces of the right clothes (or knowing how to wear what you already have!) …

So when you go to get dressed every day, you’ll feel and look amazing in everything that’s in your closet.


Bottom Line?

Style School makes it easy to get dressed everyday and feel hella good in everything you wear!!


With this membership, you’ll look your best so you feel your best. You will …


🌟Open your closet every morning and know that every single piece you have is flattering to your body. So you don’t have to waste time trying things on and not loving how you look. 


🌟Get dressed every day quickly and effortlessly. 


🌟Put trendy and stylish outfits together for any occasion – fast.


🌟Feel confident knowing you’ll look good and feel your best – no matter where the day takes you.

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