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Bringing joy back to getting dressed

It ALL starts with your closet!!!   I will take your closet from a place of chaos and overwhelm, to a streamlined system full of clothes that make it easy to get dressed and feel your best.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know your closet needs editing but it feels completely overwhelming every time you go to tackle it

  • You have no idea what should stay and what should go

  • You have lots of items in there that haven't been worn in forever or no longer fit, but getting rid of them is still hard

  • You've cleaned out your closet only to be left with less choices and no real outfits

  • You've used my free tools and still feel like your closet is far from organized 

  • You feel like you have nothing to wear​


You deserve to get dressed with ease in clothes that make you feel amazing

I can help!


Imagine being able to:

Walk into your closet and have it organized in a way that actually helps you get dressed with ease

Know what pieces are missing from your wardrobe 

Have a bank of outfits to choose from that are made for your body type in a handy app that's personalized for you

Not having to think about what to wear each day

Getting dressed without feeling stressed

Walking into your day feeling GREAT in your clothes


Editing your closet and building a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle can be an emotional and overwhelming process 

IMG_9452 2_edited.jpg

Shopping and fashion have always been on my radar. From a young age, my mom took me shopping and helped me learn what looked best on me.  And from there, it grew and grew.  Our personal style can influence SO much about how interact with the world, and it can be a real struggle for women in a world of social media, mixed messages, trends, inconsistent sizing, you name it.  Before the I started creating capsules and virtual closets, I did closet editing and personal shopping, and I now am on a mission to take out the guesswork and bring the FUN back to your closet in person again!


This concept was born from working with women, talking with my friends and family, hearing similar things from them all.  Having no idea what looks good on them, what they should absolutely have in their closets to build a sustainable wardrobe, and where to shop.  I kept thinking, I know how to do those things....and I can do them for you!

So, here I am! Going back to my pre-kid, pre-pandemic self, and I am coming back for YOUR closets!

this is where i come in. Literally!! I can be the voice of reason and help you finally get  that closet under control!

Wouldn't it be awesome if you too could discover a path to your personal style that gave you a boost of confidence and could save you time, money, and frustration? You're in the right place!

Here's how it works:

We tackle your closet

I'll do the heavy lifting! I know that editing your closet can be an emotional + overwhelming task.  But when you have me there with you in person or via zoom, it's SO much easier.  I will help you make decisions, and then I we will organize your pieces with my signature system.  You'll quickly notice how much easier it is to get dressed each day!

We work as a team

I will need your help as I am going through each piece of your wardrobe.  You may need to try some things on, tell me how you typically wear certain pieces, or why you love certain things.  Together, we will decide what stays, what goes, and what we need to add in to round out a wardrobe that serves your life best.

I take what I learned and build your virtual closet:

This part is where it gets SUPER fun!  After your closet is in tip top shape, I will snap pictures of current items and add them to your virtual closet. And then, I go shopping for you! Using what I have learned about your body type, your lifestyle, and your wardrobe, I'll know exactly what your wardrobe needs! You'll be able to see the items that I have shopped for, and be able to grab them with ease.

The cherry on top? I create outfits for you that live in your handy virtual closet.  Getting dressed has never been so easy!


Image by Vanessa Rauer


Oh what fun I had this evening getting to take a closer look at my virtual closet. Thank you for all the thoughtful suggestions. You were SO inspiring to just GET IT DONE. Absolutely thrilled with the transformation

Image by Vanessa Rauer


This capsule is something I’ve thought about doing but never put any true energy into.


I got your FALL Capsule and it’s blown my mind!


I’ve told my besties about it! Just fire!!

Image by Vanessa Rauer


I wore one of your holiday party outfits to a work party—the leather pants with the sequin top. I couldn’t believe the number of compliments I got. Literally the most stylish person I know was like, “How did you know that that would be such a great outfit!?” So thank you for that!

Satisfaction Guarantee

I know you'll love these services as much as I do. In fact, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, please reach out for a full refund.

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