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Let's put a stop to wardrobe drama

I teach everyday women how to discover their confidence through capsule wardrobes and virtual closets saving time and money. Sharing what works instead of what's popular #anti-influencer

Does this sound familiar?

  • You walk into your closet and stare in confusion only to leave frustrated and sweaty despite the new pieces you've received

  • You find yourself wearing the same items on repeat

  • You've tried style boxes only to still find yourself feeling like you don't have full outfits ready to go

  • You've done enough scrolling and shopping to discover that as fun as it is, it isn't a strategy to build a lasting wardrobe

  • You went shopping and found some items you like but you have no idea how to build outfits with them


Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 12.25.57 PM.png

Getting dressed each day in clothes that make you feel good shouldn't be this hard

I can help!


Imagine being able to:

Walk into your closet and have it organized in a way that actually helps you get dressed with ease

Know what pieces are missing from your wardrobe 

Have a bank of outfits to choose from that are made for your body type

Getting dressed without feeling stressed

Walking into your day feeling GREAT in your clothes



Shopping and fashion have always been on my radar. From a young age, my mom took me shopping and helped me learn what looked best on me.  And from there, it grew and grew.  Our personal style can influence SO much about how interact with the world, and it can be a real struggle for women in a world of social media, mixed messages, trends, inconsistent sizing, you name it.  Before the capsule, I did personal shopping, and I now am on a mission to take out the guesswork and bring the FUN back to your closet as if I were there in person!


This community was born from a place that was not just driven by things I am passionate about, rather from a place that I felt was missing from my life after having kids.  I wanted to FEEL like myself again.  I wanted to LOOK like myself again.  And I felt stuck under the weight of all things new motherhood, family, work, and, and, and.  It's been a journey to get here, and now that I have, I want to share what I've learned along the way with as many women who can resonate!

this is where a wardrobe capsule comes in.  Take a listen to learn more....

Wouldn't it be awesome if you too could discover a path to your personal style that gave you a boost of confidence and could save you time, money, and frustration? You're in the right place!


Stand Alone Capsule

The Capsule comes with a robust collection of wardrobe items which are the backbone to the outfits that will keep you looking fresh all season long.

Closet Edit Checklist and Video Tutorial
Body Shape Guide

This is a done for you product!


style School Membership

You will receive everything that comes with the stand alone Capsule PLUS:

Seasonal Guides (swimsuit, packing, denim, holiday attire, and gift guides per season)

Bi-Weekly Try on sessions for guidance on what you have going on in your closet!

Weekly Tutorials based on seasonally appropriate topics

Hot seat coaching where we break down body shapes and brainstorm ideas for you

Voxer access where you can send questions and outfit pictures my way for further guidance



Image by Vanessa Rauer


O M G it’s amazing. I have never even thought of wearing the pieces I have together, and every time I match something like what is in the look book that is similar, I get SO many compliments. I really liked the links with different price points- several brands I had never tried before.

Image by Vanessa Rauer


Also, your capsule is just gorgeous. Not only did it inspire me to feel so confident in the last year, but it has inspired so much more. Clean closet. Photoshoots. Embracing my body. Which is so much more than just clothes. Because I have followed the process for a year, each capsule builds on the other. I found myself ordering 2-3 key pieces and done. You have such a gift! :)

Image by Vanessa Rauer


I grabbed your Fall Capsule, and while I still find fashion a bit intimidating, I adore your guide. We have extremely limited closet space - and I would LOVE to use your guides to help me build a fun, fashionable and significantly more up-to-date wardrobe, so I am planning on committing to all four seasons!

Satisfaction Guarantee

I know you'll love these services as much as I do. In fact, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, please reach out for a full refund.

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