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Style School Membership

Welcome to your year round style support! Not only will you receive my seasonal capsule when you join this community, you will get the much needed support to help you really figure out this whole personal style thing.  Sometimes having a single lesson from someone in a store or even a PDF guide isn't enough to get you that A+ on your style report card.  You need a Style Teacher who guide you along the way where you can continuously tweak, ask questions, and adjust your path with each new lesson learned.  Introducing STYLE SCHOOL!!!

The Road to Personal Style Can be Bumpy

Maybe you've had some success after getting help from a great sales person in a retail location but don't have a clue how to shop for yourself

Maybe you've never felt great in clothes

Maybe you have some items in your closet you love but others you hate and you have no idea why they're different

Maybe you feel like nothing actually fits your body 

Maybe you have a hard time keeping up with what to wear when the seasons change

Maybe you just want to feel like you have a clue about what to put on each day so you feel less of a mess

I see a lot less maybes in your future ;)

IMG_3426 2.HEIC

I'm not just going to give you the map, I'm going to be there with you on the journey


Imagine this:

Having a seasonal road map for your wardrobe

Having a sounding board where you can ask questions as often as you'd like about what to wear

Having a safe place where you can try things on and get feedback about outfits or items your are struggling with in your closet

Getting seasonal tips that will help you tackle the hardest to wear items in all climates

Walking into your day feeling GREAT in your clothes


imagine no more!!!  

Shopping and fashion have always been on my radar. From a young age, my mom took me shopping and helped me learn what looked best on me.  And from there, it grew and grew.  Our personal style can influence SO much about how interact with the world, and it can be a real struggle for women in a world of social media, mixed messages, trends, inconsistent sizing, you name it.  Before the I started creating capsules and virtual closets, I did closet editing and personal shopping, and I now am on a mission to take out the guesswork and bring the FUN back to your closet again!


This concept was born from working with women, talking with my friends and family, and hearing similar things from them all.  Having no idea what looks good on them, what they should absolutely have in their closets to build a sustainable wardrobe, and where to shop.  I kept thinking, I know how to do those things....and I can do them for you and WITH YOU!

So, here I am! Going back to my pre-kid, pre-pandemic self, and I am coming back for YOUR closets!

The secret to great style is to feel good in what you wear.  I can show you how

The Membership

Stand alone capsule

The Capsule comes with a robust collection of wardrobe items which are the backbone to the outfits that will keep you looking fresh all season long.

Closet Edit Checklist and Video Tutorial
Body Shape Guide

This is a done for you product!


Style School Membership

You will receive everything that comes with the stand alone Capsule PLUS:

Seasonal Guides (swimsuit, packing, denim, holiday attire, and gift guides per season)

Bi-Weekly Try on sessions for guidance on what you have going on in your closet!

Weekly Tutorials based on seasonally appropriate topics

Hot seat coaching where we break down body shapes and brainstorm ideas for you

Voxer access where you can send questions and outfit pictures my way for further guidance

This is a done WITH you product



Image by Vanessa Rauer


O M G it’s amazing. I have never even thought of wearing the pieces I have together, and every time I match something like what is in the look book that is similar, I get SO many compliments. I really liked the links with different price points- several brands I had never tried before.

Image by Vanessa Rauer


Working with Jenny was such a joy. Her warmth and approach was like having a best friend in your closet giving you the perfect advice that you needed to hear. Her ideas and methods have helped me to simplify my closet, feel excited again about the things I own and know exactly what I want and don't want to add to my wardrobe next time I am shopping. My closet is simplified and that makes it easier to get ready, feel good and allows me to put my energy into other more important places. I have so many outfit ideas that match what is in my closet and can't wait to do it again when the seasons change. Thank you Jenny!

Image by Vanessa Rauer


Before I met Jenny, I would always stress out on what to wear and still never felt like I had the right thing on - for any occasion After embracing the closet edit and Jenny's seasonal capsules, I feel more confident and save a TON of time every day. I have some staple go-out outfits for most occasions and now know how to mix it up. I love how approachable she is and that she continues to offer value week after week - from ironing to strapless bras, to tips for packing lite, to the front tuck! She has found a unique way to bottle up her knowledge into bite sized concepts that really resonate with women today!

Satisfaction Guarantee

I know you'll love these services as much as I do. In fact, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, please reach out for a full refund.

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