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Let Me Tell You Why Beige is Not the New Black

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I’m really, really sick of beige. I feel like when you open social media these days, all I see is a sea of beige....muted colors that literally all melt together. Listen, I’m not knocking neutrals, but dang, it's like so many have forgotten that we don't all need to follow the trends we get bombarded with on social. I'm here to tell you, Beige is not the new black and here are a few reasons why. For starters, it's not a color that looks good on everyone. In fact, I'd argue it being a really tough color for most to pull off. I for one, look ill in it, like I'm sick! I also think you have to be really intentional with how you pair it with other colors and when things require extra work to "go" with things in my closet, I'm immediately out. So, today, I'm going to be talking neutrals that are good for the masses, and staples you need in you closet that will serve you long after the beige invasion has passed.

I'm just going to say it...this wardrobe looks like a snore. While there are definitely some great pieces in here that are multi-functional, it's almost completely devoid of color ie fun. So, let's talk about how you take the basics, which is the category most of the pieces above fall into and find some ways we can add in pieces that I think take a foundational wardrobe up a notch for the Spring and Summer seasons which were meant for COLOR ;)

Why you should add color to your closet

Color can evoke emotion. So, depending on how you want/need to feel that day, you can use color as a vehicle to get you there. Ready to feel powerful? Go for classic black and white and maybe do a pop of color in your accessories. Maybe you need some energy. Grab a BOLD color to brighten your mood and your day. You get the point. A wardrobe that lacks color, lacks a really valuable tool that is easy to employ. It's also a really great way to take your staples and bring them new life. Hopefully you have some great denim and maybe a black blazer in your arsenal. Color gives them a totally different vibe which brings a layer of versatility to your wardrobe that neutrals can't deliver on. Below you'll find some of my seasonal favorites that can give you some color, fit into your budget, and play nicely with those staples who've gotten a little bored lately ;)


Tops - the gateway to adding easy color to your wardrobe

Adding in a pop of color with a top is one of the easiest ways to give those jeans a breath of fresh air. Here are a few of my current favorites. I like to call them T-shirts with a twist! Click here to shop if any of them are calling your name. Two budget friendly options and two that are a little pricier.

Now that you have a colorful top, you need a trusty item for your bottom half

There are times when I think a bold color on your bottom half can be loads of fun, BUT I do think it takes some trial an error. You've got to find the right color, the right cut, and get the rest of the outfit on lock before you take the plunge. If you are new to the idea of wearing something outside of neutrals on the your bottom half, go easy at first. While some may argue that Army Green is a neutral, it's a step outside of black or denim. I think it's fair game in the world of color. PS - these Spanx, wide leg pants are LIFE! And if you are really ready to take this up a notch, you can go BOLD. Considering how obsessed I am with hot pink lately, these pants are kind of calling my name!

Shoes and Accessories

Maybe you aren't ready to take the full plunge but you want to dabble in the world of color. Shoes and jewelry are a great way to do just that. They are also another fun layer even if you are comfortable diving into the color deep end! Here are a couple of my current favorites;

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