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My FAVORITE Party Pants!! Happy Spanx-Giving

Look One: Fancy Pants

These are called the "Perfect Pant" for a reason. They are high-waisted, super slimming, sleek, CHIC, and oh so comfortable. I paired them with a simple black sweater and my trusty booties. Super simple to throw together and no one will know how many pieces of pie you ate!

Look two: Holiday Casual

Fun Fact, these Faux Leather Leggings are going on their 3rd season for me and they look brand spankin (pun intended) new! I love that they still feel like your comfy leggings, but they hold you in just a bit more and can be paired with a stretchy blazer and a graphic T for just enough to call it good for Thanksgiving!

Look Three: The Happy Medium

Maybe you don't want to be too fancy, but you also don't feel like sneakers are the most appropriate. Meet the happy medium! These Faux Leather joggers are life! I recently shot a video in them and dropped it like it was hot just because I could. So, are they the perfect pant for a Turkey Day feast? Ummm...YEP. Throw on a chambray button down and some mules, and you are ready to stuff your face ;)

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