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How long has it been since you actually felt confident in a photo?

That seems like a trick question doesn't it? I think most women, myself included, have a tendency to shy away from the camera because we've all experienced that moment when we see an unflattering picture of ourselves that makes us cringe and the last thing we feel is confident after an experience like that. This may seem like something I don't personally struggle with because you see all kinds of pictures that I post of myself. Well, there are all kinds of tips and tricks when it comes to actually taking pictures of yourself that you can look at and like. In fact, I believe it can be one of the most confident boosting strategies there is out there. You just have to keep some of these tips and tricks in mind and I would even challenge you to book yourself a photoshoot. I see you rolling your eyes out there ;). But if you'll hear me out, I may shift your thinking.

Why you should book yourself a photoshoot session

I promise this isn't crazy talk! Let's do a little reverse engineering on this idea of hating how you look in photos. Isn't it possible that the opposite could be true with some tweaking? What if you had some pictures in your phone that actually LIT you up when you looked at them? They reminded you of who you actually are and what you're capable of? It's actually one of my favorite confidence hacks if I'm being honest. I get regular photo shoots each month because I need them for my business. I need them to share new styles and trends and to demonstrate the power of great clothes, BUT I also love doing them just for myself. And while all the photos aren't great, there are many of them that do exactly what I mentioned above. And let's face it, there are so many times in our lives when we need a boost. We need a little pep talk and there isn't always going to be someone sitting next to you to give you one. I understand that the idea of pulling out your phone and looking at pictures of yourself that you love may sound silly or embarrassing, but I promise theres some teeth to this practice. Heck, even Glamour magazine talked about it. They said, "New research shows that capturing your image on camera does good things for your confidence levels, with on-the-regular selfie snappers reporting they feel more attractive and liked than those who don't selfie at all." I'm just arguing you take it a step further and hire someone to do them for you. The quality of the pictures are far better than a selfie ;)

Now that you're open to this idea, let's chat a little about how to prep for a shoot

For me, it all starts with the outfit. If I don't love what I'm wearing, the pictures are going to be anything but confidence inducing. So, be smart about your outfit. I think a great place to start is by picking the one thing in your closet you know you love. It's comfortable, flattering, and it's YOU. Never, and I mean never choose an outfit for something like this that seems like the thing you should wear for a photoshoot if it doesn't feel 100% you. Maybe you have a favorite pair of jeans, maybe it's a dress or denim jacket. Whatever it is, that's your foundation and you build from there. Once I have the item in mind, I usually start to lean into color. If you are doing this for yourself, wear your favorite color. If you are doing this for your business, make sure to incorporate your brand colors. Whatever your color is, my rule of thumb is to pick AN item to represent it. One item of clothing is enough to make a statement and if you really want to, you can add an accessory as well. If this all sounds a little overwhelming, heres a quick tool that you might find helpful! And if you need more specific help, I happen to know a gal ;)

Pro Tip: Take some selfies in your outfit before you decide for sure. Pictures often tell a different story than the mirror (in a good way) so snap away in a full length mirror beforehand and see what you think!

Outfit: Check. Now what?

The time has come and now you are in front of the camera. EEEK. Admittedly, this took some getting used to for me. It can feel super weird to be standing in front of a stranger with a camera. I get it. But what's on the other side is worth it! So, what can you do to feel more confident and less awkward? Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks:

  • Bring some music: At least it's not dead silent and music usually makes me want to move and movement usually makes for great photos

  • Ask for guidance: The photographer knows what's up. Ask them to guide you and give you direction for poses etc.

  • Bring props: sometimes we don't know what to do with our hands etc. Bring a few things to hold (coffee, a bag, your phone, sunglasses etc)

  • Research Poses: Head over to Pinterest and search for poses. Then screenshot them so you can refer to them during your shoot. I do this all the time to give me new ideas WHILE I am there!

  • Bring a friend: No one said you have to do this alone. It's more fun when you aren't the only one there. Rope a friend into this crazy idea with you and you can cheer each other on, give ideas, and you'll both have this confidence inducing hack in your back pockets when you need it

Hire a Stylist

This isn't just a shameless plug here friends. Yes, this is part of what I do, but I also know it can make a WORLD of difference when you are thinking of getting pictures taken of yourself. Having someone to guide in the process of figuring out what to wear, how things fit, give you tips and tricks for the day of etc is truly priceless. There are so many little things that can make a huge difference in how all the pieces work together during a shoot. A helping hand goes a long way!

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