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Halloween....what's on my mind (besides the mountain of candy in my pantry ;)

My goal: shed some light on the parts of your life that may have taken a serious backseat after the the last 2 years!! The things that bring you JOY, make you feel good about yourself, and remind you of who you used to. And what I'm most passionate about is helping you do that in a way that actually SIMPLIFIES your life!

Here's an example of how to simplify your day to day: Outfit formulas! I call these pieces essentials for a capsule wardrobe. I know that most women don't find joy in picking out outfits on the daily. Or struggle to figure out which items go together to create a cohesive outfit. I plan to share these formulas on the regular in an effort to take some of the stress out of getting dressed. This is a simple guideline that you can create and recreate over and over again. Get yourself a great blazer and some skinny jeans that fit you like a glove, and the possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for next weeks post. I'll be spilling the Tea on all things jeans!

Another way to simplify? Using a food formula: Eat Well, Feel Well. Finding ways that actually help you FEEL your best all week long that don't feel like deprivation is the name of the game. I think so many of us get caught in the vicious cycle of eating "healthy" all week long (and likely not fueling appropriately) and then going balls to the wall on the weekends. This leaves us feeling like we have to start over come Monday. Here is my NUMBER one hack to help kick this cycle: find an easy way to get more protein in your day. I like to drink a smoothie. Because it's quick, tastes good, and fills me up. I'm not a fan of eating chicken breast all day long, so a grab and go smoothie is a far better option, and it offers up a much more complete nutritional profile than a lump of meat. I like to call them my nutritional insurance which allows me to indulge as a part of my lifestyle, not just on the weekends. Try this out for a week and let me know if it changes how you feel. I promise, when you eat well, feeling well follows almost immediately.

This is my daily recipe for mindset fitness. I find when I incorporate these items regularly, it’s so much easier to keep the thoughts running through my mind going in the right direction.

Get some direct sunshine, move your body (even a short walk), put something nourishing in your body, feed your brain (short podcasts are my jam), connect with someone you care about and make sure you do one thing today that brings you JOY ;)

Now, I’m not a robot and don’t always check every box, but I wanted to share in case you are looking for some new tools.

Do you have a mindset fitness routine? I'd love to hear about it!

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