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Functional Fashion is the New Black and Black Looks Good on Everyone

The two words I think of most when I think about my values are efficient and effective. It’s how I approach a large portion of my life….with a side of fun of course, but they really are the two big drivers when I am coming up with plans for work, my family, my workouts, what I eat, you name it. And they are definitely a big part of how I approach my style. I want my closet to function like a well oiled machine. Now, I want the outcome of the efficiency and effectiveness to be one that reflects my personality which is colorful, fun, and confident, so while these two words might seem a little sterile, they get the job done! I also use these two words A LOT when I am coming up with tools and resources for my customers because we are all running busy lives with overflowing plates. I don’t want fashion to feel like a big lift in your life. I want to teach you ways to make getting dressed easy, which is not to be mistaken for lazy. Once you work with me, you should feel like your closet is streamlined, outfits are easy to pull together, and you walk out of your closet feeling freaking GREAT in your clothes. That’s where this idea of functional fashion is rooted for me. It’s where you can bring style into your life without it being a huge time or financial commitment.

Efficient - Give me style, but make it a time saver

I don’t know about you, but when something can save me time, my ears perk up. It seems like my days are filled from the second I open my eyes to the time my head hits the pillow, so anytime I can shave off a few minutes from a task, I am IN. Because fashion is something I am so passionate about, this may seem like a strange word to incorporate right? Well, just because I love it so much doesn’t mean I can play at the mall every week or shop my life away. I am still juggling my family life and instructional coach career, which means I want to be able to look and feel pulled together without having to put much thought into each and every day. So for me, efficiency in this category looks like all items in my closet being reflective of my style, they make sense for the life I live, they flatter my figure, and have maximum mix and match capability. When those things are happening, fashion feels incredibly functional.

You might be nodding along here while simultaneously thinking, but HOW do I make those things happen. That is the effectiveness part of the equation.

Effective - if I'm doing this, it better WORK!

All of that sounds great in theory right? But I know it doesn’t sound possible for many. I get that, so let’s break this down a little further because in order for a system to be effective, I need to know how each part works.

How do you get to a place where the items in your closet are a reflection of your style if you don’t know what your style is? If this is you, I would highly recommend spending a little time on Pinterest and just searching that season’s style. If it’s Summer, just type in Summer Style. Then scroll and save the things you like. That will give you an idea of the genre you are most drawn to so when it’s time to shop, you have a vibe in mind (which you could also share with anyone who is helping you shop). That’s how you start to get your closet in order and get the right pieces on your body when you are in a hurry to get dressed each morning. #effective

The next step for my wardrobe to hit the mark in the effective category is really about making sure the items are things I can wear in my LIFE. For me, that means I want to be able to wear my clothes when I am chasing my boys around the neighborhood, to school, and out for a date night. That may sound extreme, but it really is my goal. And you may be surprised that the majority of my closet can do it. #effective

Flattering the figure can seem like a real mystery but I can assure you with a little guidance, it can become less so. Check out the series I did on insta about dressing each type. Once you know a little about your shape and what types of cuts to look for, you can select those items for your closet. Which means going to get dressed in the morning becomes a no brainer considering all the items fall in the flattering category. Boom. #effective

Lastly, you best believe that most of my tops can go with most of my bottoms. That’s called a capsule wardrobe and this is the heart of my philosophy. If you build your closet out as one big capsule, which I do season after season, you have items that all basically go together which means grabbing and going can actually become a thing in the getting dressed part of your day. Effective or effective?

Ready to really LEARN more about how this all works and how to achieve personal style with ease? A good place to start is checking out my page on my Style School Membership - it's where I take my teaching out of the classroom and into your closet!

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