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Cream and White Clothes

The confidence collective

This community was born from a place that was not just driven by things I am passionate about, rather from a place that I felt was missing from my life after having kids.  I wanted to feel like myself again.  I wanted to look like myself again.  And I felt stuck under the weight of all things new motherhood, family, work, and, and, and.  It's been a journey to get here, and now that I have, I want to share what I've learned along the way with as many women who can resonate!


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Shopping and fashion have always been on my radar.  From a young age, my mom took me shopping and helped me learn what looked best on me.  And from there, it grew and grew.  Our personal style can influence SO much about how interact with the world, and it can be a real struggle for women in a world of social media, mixed messages, trends, inconsistent sizing, you name it.  Before the capsule, I did personal shopping, and I am on a mission to take out the guesswork and bring the FUN back to your closet.


My journey to living a more balanced life when it came to my overall wellness began long before kids, BUT I learned the most impactful lessons after having them because with carrying babies comes extra weight, serious struggles with sleep, and energy.  I've found ways to bring wellness into my life and many others, that are sustainable, flexible, manageable for busy lives, and one that doesn't promote restriction.  Eating should nourish us, but it should also bring us JOY!

Fresh Tomato Pizza with Basil
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From early on in my life, I always knew the power of knowing myself, and as I've gotten older it has become something I am incredibly passionate about.  Our minds truly have unlimited power once we learn to harness them and start taking control over the thoughts that run our days.  My hope is to share the strategies that I've found to be effective and simple to implement.


The Trifecta

I am a firm believer that when you put some energy into these three categories, a serious increase in confidence will naturally follow.  I'll show you how to make the biggest impact by using my signature method: Edit, Rebuild, and Reflect.  The steps are simple and effective!

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Not sure where to start your Style Journey? Grab my FREE step-by-step guide!

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