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Wardrobe Capsule Essentials....can you find them in a style box?

Are you a Stitch Fixer? Or Nuuly subscriber? Maybe you use Trendsend?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, these are all clothing subscription services. For most of them, you take some kind of quiz, and then someone picks out pieces for you and they show up at your doorstep. Sometimes you keep all of them, sometimes you pick what you like, and sometimes you just keep them for a certain period of time. They can be really fun! And they seem like the solution to finding your style or at least feeling like you can build decent outfits. I know many women who use them…..

BUT, here’s the thing about subscription style boxes: you have to be working from a good wardrobe base in order for them to really work well. If you don’t have solid staples that you love, the pieces that show up in your box could feel:

  • Challenging to build outfits with

  • Disconnected from the rest of your closet

  • Something you’d wear once or twice but not for the long haul

That’s why a wardrobe capsule is 100x better! When done well, it helps you build a base and THEN go from there. A wardrobe capsule is all about quality over quantity. It takes a set amount of pieces, let’s use 20 pieces as an example, and SHOWS you how to build tons of different outfits from just those pieces. It is most certainly not about buying a whole new wardrobe every season. No one needs to do that. It’s not sustainable nor does having a closet bursting at the seams help you when it comes time to actually decide what to wear. A wardrobe capsule helps you remove the noise when it comes time to get dressed in the morning because you have less to choose from and you know which pieces play nicely together. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be heavenly not to stand in front of your closet thinking you have nothing to wear? I promise it’s not an urban legend.

Let’s put this idea into practice shall we? When you choose quality, versatile pieces for your wardrobe (which is what I try to do with every piece I include) you should be able to find TONS of different outfit options using that single piece. I like typically build out 4 outfits for each piece in my wardrobe capsules, but this really is just the tip of the iceberg! Here’s an example for you:

A piece like a cardigan is a great choice in a neutral color like deep wine/burgundy. It can be worn on its own, over pieces, and it’s easily accessorized!! PS, you can shop these outfits on my Support page! Simply click the image to start shopping!

Glad you stuck around for this last part….because my goal isn’t to have you needing help every single season with a wardrobe capsule. My goal is to teach you how to build a wardrobe that you feel great in, lasts more than one year, and that you know how to build on. This will likely take more than one season, but it’s WELL worth the investment. That I can promise! Are you excited to see my Winter Capsule!! It’ll be HOT off the presses on THURSDAY!! You can click HERE to learn more today!!

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