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Top Packing Tips for Packing Your Suitcase With Ease

When I first met my husband it was the beginning of the end….of my overpacking habits that is!!! He was a staunch believer in carry-on only. Mind you this was long before pre-check was a thing and TIA was very, very strict about that 3oz rule. Ummmm, I am a fashionista and need to have all the outfit options with me along with shoes and accessories. How was I going to fit ALL of that into one small carry on bag? The real test was when we went on a 3-week honeymoon…..and I did IT! It’s taken some trial and error and lots of practice, but I basically have it down to a science these days. And with Spring Break on the horizon, I am sharing all of my packing secrets with you!

So, I am curious to hear: are you a packing procrastinator or do you start mapping out your outfits weeks ahead of time? Can you guess which camp I fall into ;) As travel is becoming a thing again for many people, and knowing that packing can be a real stressor, I wanted to focus on how to tackle packing in a way that feels manageable. Here are the steps I follow for each and every trip I take.

Start With the Shoes

Shoes are the easiest place for me to start because once I know which shoes are coming along, I can build appropriate outfits. Plus, they take up the most space in my bag so I start there and work backwards. I usually pack 4-5 pairs of shoes because a girl needs options! Here is what usually finds it way into my bag for the warmer month:

Exercise Sneakers

Statement Sneakers (I wear these while traveling)

Cute Sandals

Wedges or heels


That covers all my bases! On the go during the day, moving my body, feeling cute without dressing up, and then the option to dress up for a night or two! Done.

Step 2: Tops/Bottoms/One Pieces

When I am planning to be away longer than a weekend, especially when the whole family is going, I work hard to bring pieces along that can pull double duty and I keep the color palette relatively neutral. Can I wear that dress as a cover up? Can I wear that cover up as a dress? And if I am bringing the boys to the pool, it looks more like a romper or my running shorts! When pieces like dresses, rompers, and kimonos can be worn to the pool AND be accessorized to be worn to dinner they always end up in my suitcase. The same holds true for tops and shorts. Unless they are exercise apparel, I want them to be able to serve multi-functions. It keeps me feeling less panicked, organized, and my suitcase a heck of a lot more manageable.

Step 3: Accessories

I am a minimalist when it comes to jewelry when I travel. A few pair of earrings (one pair of studs and one pair of hoops), a colorful bracelet, and one necklace. That’s it! The bracelet and or earrings can provide pops of color in case my neutral outfit needs it and keeps my travel bag for jewelry to a very small zipper pouch. I then always pack a hat, sunglasses, and maybe a belt. It’s just enough to level up from totally basic, but not so much that I’m losing things on the trip or needing to carve out extra space for things that don’t make that big of an impact.

This might all sound fine and great, but it still doesn’t make packing feel like a simple task. I get it! Which is why I created the Spring Break Packing Guide for you all. So many have been asking me for this for the last year and I finally got it done. Inside you’ll find my favorite packing gear, a how-to packing video, 22 pieces that belong in your suitcase, and 18 outfit ideas to take you from Day to Night for your trip.

And here’s how it plays out in real life! This video shows how I take all the things I mentioned above and get them into a carry on bag along with my favorite little jewelry hack for travel!

PS - even if you aren’t traveling right now, this guide can give you some great pieces for your Spring Wardrobe along with outfit inspiration. It’s basically a mini capsule for a total steal!

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