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Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Topic: Style School

I recently had to launch a BIG project at school that is pushing me way outside of my comfort zone in that setting. It involved pitching a relatively wild idea to my principal, asking for experts to come speak to my staff, and put myself completely out there in front of a bunch of sometimes unwilling adults. Teaching teachers is a very tricky thing to do and they’re expectations are often pretty high. No pressure! It was scary and required me to figure out some things I didn’t have previous experience with which got me thinking about what I do when I don’t know enough about something. The answer came pretty quickly. I go into research mode. Rather than calling myself a confidence curator, I should start calling myself a resource regurgitat-or for lack of a better term. HA! I’m good at finding things and then turning around and helping others learn the same thing I uncovered. I am not a reinvent-or of the wheel to be sure.

As I got to thinking about how this lens fits into the idea of personal style and fashion, it struck a chord. I recognize that this is a skill I often put to use when I am getting dressed or putting outfits together for the capsule and it’s why I think it’s such a valuable tool to invest in. If having style and feeling put together doesn't come naturally to you, do some research! I do think there are tons of ways to go about teaching yourself how to achieve a level of style that feels like you. BUT, I also know there are times when it makes more sense to outsource. Maybe you don’t want to go to style school and figure it all out. That I can understand. There are MANY topics that I have zero desire to go out and learn about and many more that I could care less about actually teaching myself how to do it.

If putting outfits together and uncovering your personal style falls into that category, a wardrobe capsule is the way to go. It’s going to do all the legwork for you, take out the guesswork, and leave you feeling put together with a streamlined closet. But I will caution you, the chances of you learning along the way are high ;) Each season you purchase a capsule, the more you will start to discover certain styles and silhouettes that you lean towards. You’ll likely start to see patterns in the pieces you’re attracted to, and before you know it, you may just start to develop a style all your own with a foundational wardrobe that will serve you for years. Ooops ;)

Let’s play that idea out a bit. When you see this outfit, do you gravitate towards a certain item? Which one is it? How come? I’d love to hear from you on this! Drop me a comment.

So, out of curiosity, do you find yourself with similar types of behavior? Seeking out new ways to solve problems and learn new things? Or are you more of an outsourcer?

PS…I think there is power in both paths! I sometimes wish I outsourced more!! can shop the outfit about in my @liketoknowit shop simply by clicking the image!

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